We're helping to shape the future by supporting not-for-profits that impact future generations


Why iHalo Krunch exists:

With a passion for helping people and a sweet tooth, our founder, Charlene D'Aoust decided to open a business that supports the local community - and what better way than with ice cream. 

Teaming up with her partner, Tuan Nguyen, who has a background in hospitality, iHalo Krunch Inc. was founded with the mission of helping children in the local community. Together, the founders' cultural backgrounds (Filipino & Vietnamese) and their love for nostalgic desserts, influenced the shop's flavours.


Each month iHalo Krunch donates a portion of its proceeds to not-for-profit organizations that impact future generations. Past not-for-profits include: 

  • College-Montrose Children's Place - Family drop-in program
  • Second Harvest - After school programs; Feeding the Future 
  • 3TO6 TEAM - Regent Park after school athletic programming
  • WEST Community Centre
  • Stella's Place - Young adult mental health centre

If you're interested in submitting your organization for consideration, please email and include the subject line 'Donation consideration'.